Investing in alternative assets is about to become safer and fairer

Join our journey, as this Irish start-up creates the world’s first whiskey cask exchange, enhanced by AI

More capital is flowing into alternative assets than ever before

With diversified portfolios leading investor returns, active investments are losing share to alternative investments on the global stage.


A recent Forbes survey also found that 84% of all retail investors would consider alternative assets.

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Cask whiskey is a valued asset class

44 million* casks of whiskey worth an estimated €79 billion are currently stored for ageing worldwide.

*National whiskey associations in the USA, UK & Ireland.

Why do individuals buy cask whiskey?

Whiskey is valued for two reasons; rarity and taste, both are enhanced with time in cask.

Historically, cask whiskey has appreciated at 14% to 18% per year, beating inflation.*

* Historical performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Before you make any investments, please take a look at our investor presentation for a list of risk warnings and disclaimers.


The supply of any past “vintage” of whiskey is finite.

  • New Make liquid held in cask becomes “Irish Whiskey” after 3 years.

  • As whiskey is consumed, the remaining supply of whiskey made in any given year is reduced.


Ageing a spirit in a wooden cask imparts the flavours from the vessel to the liquid.

  • The longer a whiskey spends in a cask, the bolder the flavour.

  • Age statements drive bottled whiskey prices.

  • Key statements are 5, 8, 10, 12, 15 years and even 21-year-old whiskey.

But today, there is no exchange for whiskey ageing in a cask

This restricts liquidity, limits the flow of capital into the industry and reduces the potential returns for cask owners.


Blending modern tech and an age-old asset

With the support of Enterprise Ireland®️, founder capital and private investors, we’re building the LYQD Cask Exchange™️.

The world’s first online exchange for cask whiskey, enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI).

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All casks traded on the Cask Exchange™️ will be validated by LYQD, and stored in our bonded warehouses.

All traders will be verified and approved in line with

“Know Your Customer” rules and Anti-money Laundering regulations

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Fair Market


New Make whiskey will be sourced by LYQD and made available for trade on the Cask Exchange and traded at their fair value.

Now, we’re raising €900k in start-up capital

Available to private investors for the first time, we’re raising start-up funds to launch the LYQD Cask Exchange™️.

Qualifying for 50%* EIIS tax relief

Based in Cork, Ireland, LYQD qualifies for EIIS (Employment Incentive Investment Scheme) relief at the new 50% tax relief rate.

Please see our investor prospectus for further explanation of the EIIS scheme, how it works and example calculations.

As an equity investment, capital is at risk.


Request our EIIS investor pack now, and learn more

Please note, that due to the rules governing EIIS tax relief, this opportunity is available for a limited time only.

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